Sell-side of Mergers and Acquisitions

We, as a sell-side advisor, will discuss with management and prepare a business plan and valuation report of the company which will specify the range of values that the firm wishes to sell. We coordinate with the buyer and seller so that appropriate decisions can be taken within a reasonable time frame.

The services provided by us are:

1.Document Preparation:

a. Gather information about the company

b. Review market and industry data

c. Discuss strategy and set objectives

2. Marketing Program:

a.      Gather database of potential buyers

b.      Marketing strategies to be adopted for getting potential buyers

3. Respond to due diligence:

a.      Respond to buyer’s due diligence requests

b.      Convey the company’s strengths and opportunities

4.   Contract negotiations:

a.      Conduct early negotiations

b.      Facilitate responses to potential buyer’s queries

c.     Communicate tax considerations to be used in negotiation

d.     Close successful sale

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