Debt Syndication

Debt Syndication

There are different modes of financing options available to growing companies with strong cash flows but it is very important for companies to select an ideal capital structure. We help in funding activities for diverse business requirements. We mobilize resources for corporate in the form of debt for various requirements like expansion, working capital, etc. Considering the cash flow of the company, debt required, and other relevant facts, we help in determining the amount of debt to be raised.

We syndicate deals across various banking channels like:

1.     Project and Working Capital loan

2.     Commercial loan

3.     Short and medium-term corporate loan

4.     Term Loans

5.     Project Finance

 The services provided by us are:

1.     Understanding the company, market, and the industry

2.     Structuring and evaluation of short, medium and long-term finance required

3.     Evaluation of the type and amount of debt

4.     Financial modeling and preparation of project report

5.     Assisting in sanction of long-term loan

6.     Assisting to secure working capital limits from banks

We, as professionals, advise on these matters and provide guidance on negotiations depending upon the issues involved, challenges faced by our clients and our deep knowledge about the sector.

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