Our teams of advisory professionals at JAKS & Associates, Chartered Accountants work side by side with your team to identify and implement effective solutions to help your company optimize profitability and growth. We also provide specialized services in the areas of internal audit, due diligence and valuation & business modeling.

Services provided:

I.    Risk consulting

1.    Internal Audits

2.    Fraud Investigation Audit

3.    Enterprise Risk Management

4.    Information Systems Audit

5.    Corporate Governance Consulting

6.    Standard Operating Procedures/manuals

7.    Business continuity / Disaster recovery plans

II.    Company Law Matters

1.    Company Incorporation

2.    Secretarial Services

3.    Amalgamations & Merger

4.    Takeovers

5.    IFRS Compliance

III.    Business Investment Advisory

1.    Equity syndication – angel, venture capital, private equity

2.    Debt syndication

3.    Business Valuation

4.    Exit strategy

5.    Distressed Assets Advisory

6.    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) advisory

IV.    Corporate Advisory Services

1.    Financial Modelling services

2.    Corporate Social Responsibility planning & implementation

3.    Due Diligence

V.  Overseas Investment Advisory

1.    Business entity formation in UAE, US, UK, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore

2.    Joint Ventures with foreign companies

3.    Acquisition of foreign companies

4.  UAE business services.

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