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We provide a one-stop solution to all your finance and accounting function from book entry to payroll processing to generating financial statements, tax computation, and filing. Our team of qualified and experienced staff is well equipped to help and support you to run the accounts of your business in software of your choice. Our team, in addition to being qualified accountants, are also trained to understand the unique requirements of each industry so that outsourcing your finance and accounting function to JAKS helps increase your productivity by manifold as you finally get to focus on your core  area with full attention and the day to day bookkeeping and report generation are taken care of by our team of experts

The services we provide

Our dedicated team are trained and well experienced in preparing detailed financials from minimal documents. Our team is capable of meeting your business bookkeeping needs. We will ensure that all the transactions occurring in your business are properly and quickly captured in your preferred accounting software and that you are continuously kept up-to-date about the position of your business.

We would always recommend using online accounting software like Xero, QBO, ZohoBooks so that you have access to your company records whenever and wherever you want and some of these applications also provide mobile app support. Even if you don’t use any of the mentioned software, our team will support you by making the best of the application you are currently using.

What we need
  1. Access to the accounting software
  2. Invoices, bills and other documents
  3. Banks and card statements, and the information necessary to link payments and receipts to transactions
  4. Details of payments and receipts made or received in cash or into personal accounts
What you get back (Periodic Reports)
  1. Periodic Accounts: Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Nominal Ledger
  2. Updated software backups

Management accounting is the next step to basic bookkeeping. It’s crucial for any type of business to properly understand what’s happening to it on a daily basis. This helps to a great extent in forming timely decisions, adopting selective techniques to and planning for the future. However, it’s also necessary to provide the right quantity of information at the right time.

With our management accounting and MIS-Reports, you will be able to better understand how the business is responding to the environment at large and how well on track the business with the preset goals that you have for the year. From budget preparation to the variance analysis we provide a wide range of management reports. You will be able to understand and better run your business with a periodic management report.

What we need
  1. Access to updated Accounting Software or updated Reports
What you get back (Periodic Reports)
  1. Summary, Trend, Exception reports
  2. Financial, Operations, Budgetary and Variance
  3. On-Demand reports
  4. Visual Presentations

Ensuring that your business is in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements can be a confusing and tiresome task, especially if you don’t have a well-known finance team. However, keeping such a person in payroll can be quite expensive for start-ups and small businesses. For a large business, the problem could be retaining such well-trained staff.

Our team will ensure that you stay ahead of your deadlines when it comes to statutory compliance and VAT filings. Our service includes the following

  1. Periodic reminders
  2. Request, process and submit periodic returns and submissions
  3. Responding to official communication on your behalf
What we need
  1. Access to your accounting software or update reports
  2. Access and authorization to act as an agent with the respective statutory bodies

Managing payroll function can be a real undertaking for a business entity as its difficult to retain skilled staff at a lower cost while working in an environment of unceasing growth and development. Our team will manage your entire payroll process to make it more secure, timely and make sure that you meet your responsibilities in time. Our service covers the following:-

  1. Updating and analysis time records
  2. Calculating payments
  3. Preparation and submission of payroll reports to statutory bodies
  4. Reconciling payroll with the bank and actual payments
What we need
  1. Timely and necessary payroll data on the appropriate periodic basis.
  2. Information for any changes to the employee classifications

Our team of accountants and bookkeepers will support you by managing your business accounts payables, from purchase order processing to processing payments on due dates. You’ll receive a periodic (weekly or monthly) aging report to keep track of your payables.

What we need
  1. Access to invoices and other documents
  2. ‘Initiator’ access to your bank’s online banking platform (to process payment till approval stage)
  3. Access to correspond with your vendor

Our team of expert accountants will monitor and track your accounts receivable so your business can run smoothly with a good cash flow system in place. We cover from invoicing to follow up for collection. You’ll receive a periodic (weekly or monthly) aging report to keep track of your receivables.

What we need
  1. Access to bank feed or statements to monitor fund coming in and apportion them to different business debtors
  2. Access to correspond with your customers to invoice and follow up on collections

Our team can support you in generating annual accounts for your clients, finalize accounts in the accounting software that is used by your clients, finalize the tax computation and file it.

What we need
  1. Invoices and documents for current year accounts and tax return
  2. Backups and access to the accounting software the client uses
  3. Previous year working file and checklists from you
What you get back
  1. Set of accounts and tax returns
  2. Updated software backups
  3. Working papers and annexures in MS Excel and/or PDF files

Business valuation is a process used to determine what a business is worth. Usually, every business owner considers getting a business valuation at the time of a major acquisition, the sale of the business, resolving a shareholder dispute or joint venture dispute, but every business needs to have an up to date business valuation on hand at all times. Possible reasons that a business owner or company may need a business valuation:

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Information Memorandum is a report prepared by the Company to present to its potential investors. It contains all the required information about the company which will have an impact on the value.

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