Business Health check-up for hospitals? 

Sounds a bit weird, but most small hospitals will either close down or be acquired by big corporate hospitals if the illness symptoms are not taken seriously. Your small hospital needs an urgent business health check-up if you are facing the following symptoms :

1) Cash handling and internal controls – Cash is received at various points in the hospital including the pharmacy and for issuing OP tickets. There is an evident lack of internal controls in depositing the cash and tallying it with daily sales register, OP ticket register etc.

2) Rising costs, loss of income and resultant issues in managing cash flows – Struggling to do more with less without compromising the quality of patient care. Employee cost has skyrocketed over the years without the ability to increase treatment costs due to competitive pressure even from government hospitals. Drug price control Rules has resulted in significant loss of revenue and Managing cash flows at month end has become a challenge. Compliance with proposed clinical establishment rules and proposed NABH regulations will further add to the cost.

3) Regulatory compliances – Complying with the innumerous laws and regulations including pollution control, AERB, BMW, income tax, GST, renewal of various licences to use X-ray, scanning machine etc. has become a significant challenge.  Any small noncompliance will result in hefty fines and penalties apart from the loss of reputation.

4) Inventory control – Staying in control of the inventory at the pharmacy, casualty and on the floor while at the same time ensuring availability of life-saving drugs is a big challenge. Absolute lack of proper inventory control at the pharmacy, at the lab, at the ICU, Casualty results in preventable loss. Medicines taken by the staff for own consumption, X-ray films at the Xray machine, consumables at the lab needs proper control. Verification of physical stock with inventory records is not done periodically.

5) Lack of adequate MIS – Most hospitals lack clear MIS showing key ratios is that required to run the hospital efficiently. Inability to generate department wise P&L, metrics to capture the average length of stay, operating margin, patient to staff ratio, occupancy rate, patient satisfaction etc

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