Business opportunities in Food & Beverage Industries – Part I An introduction

Business opportunities in Food & Beverage Industries – Part I An introduction

Food is not only a culture it’s the largest business.  A society cannot exist without food and beverage industry.  People can’t live without it.  Food industry connects between agriculture and manufacturing.  Food industry is not just related to processing of food & beverage commodities, It also covers ancillary activities such as storage, logistics, training & certification, packaging, etc.  Through this series of articles, we will cover various business opportunities in the food and beverages industry.

In this series of articles, we will be covering Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Aquaculture, Farm Tourism, Aqua Tourism, Cold Chain, Warehousing, Packaging, Manufacturing, Transportation, Distribution, Standards & Certifications, Training & developments, HoReCa, Research, Design & Consultancy Services, etc.

In the first part of this series, we will begin with Horticulture.  Horticulture covers cultivation and management of agriculture produces such as Herbs, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Grains, Cereals, Oil Seeds, Fibre and Indoor Plants.  Horticulture offers an extensive range of challenging and rewarding business opportunities in production, management, marketing, education and research.

Landscaping & Gardening – Landscaping and gardening is a fast-growing trend.  It beautifies the land and at the same time helps the environment.  Development and management of landscapes and plant collections in public and private gardens and conservatories provides big business opportunities in India.  There are many public parks which needs to be managed well.  Many corporate houses build attractive landscapes with lawns, bushes and other attractive plants in front of their offices and labour housings.  Government also supports and promotes green spaces to reduce pollution.  Many residential societies build a vast area of landscapes with bushes and shade trees to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.  Gardens can be created on traditional plots or on a smaller scale with containers.  Gardens are created to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers.  There are enough opportunities in the landscaping & gardening such as nurseries, fertilisers, seeds, grow bags and pots, pesticides, tools etc.  Professional gardeners are in demand among people who want to maximise the use of their land but don’t know how to do it.  One may start business in the areas of garden setup services, landscaping, garden maintenance, gardening materials, teaching facilities, etc.  One may also specialize in the areas of organic gardening, natural pesticides, native plants, edible plants, etc.  Vertical gardening is the new trend in this area.  Advantage of vertical gardening is that it does not need much land to develop the garden.

Nurseries – People love to live a life in an attractive surrounding, and one of the best ways to make better surroundings is with the help of flowers and plants. Gardeners are now showing more interest in finding new varieties of plants. People grow unique plants even for social status. The desire for decorations at home, office, business and public places has created a state of necessity to include the ornamental plant selling in the business world. Nursery business is very profitable and demanding, one can easily run plant nursery business quickly by following a profitable business plan.  The profits made in the nursery business is huge due to extremely less production cost. Especially, when the production of woody plants takes place at any small place, the need for investment in land is less.  This makes more attractive to the investors as the organised players in this area of business are very negligible.  Because of the less competition from the organised players, one can achieve the business success very easily.

In the next part, we will cover more business opportunities in the horticulture.

Author – CA. Abraham P J ACA

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