How Healthy is Your Business?

Like humans and any other livings things, business also has life. To keep our body healthy and productive, we regularly take health check-ups, consulted wi9th health experts and doctors, take medicine and supplements. Only a healthy body can be energetic and productive.
The same applies to business also. Businesses also need periodic health check-ups to diagnose the weaknesses, potential weaknesses that may arise, reasons for not meeting expected results etc caused by many factors from inside and outside the business.
Business Health Checks identify how to improve your business and increase profitability and can be an essential ingredient in taking control of your business and achieving better corporate governance. Business Health check-up aims more than just identifying holes and strengths, it provides information that can be used to strategically plan for the future.

Business Health checkup

Why business health check is important?

A business health check is critical  to all the businesses and entrepreneurs prosecuting growth. A proper business health check by business experts and professionals will diagnose major issues and reasons for the issues.

We will diagnose the issues in the following business areas and suggest remedial measures:

Business Processes

Organizational Structure

Internal Control

Revenue & Cost Management

Assets and Fund Management

Business Planning

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Statutory Compliance

Management Reporting

Human Resource Management

Business Continuity Planning

Customer Relationship


JAKS expert


Experts with proven expertise working with companies of various sizes from start ups to small & medium businesses to large companies in different industries and across geographies

JAKS process

Process Driven

We follow a structure process for identification of symptoms, the reasons for the issues and providing remedies for correction

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All our client interactions with clients will be absolutely confidential.

Hope of investor concept

Results Driven

Our business health check-up experts are focused in identification of the issues and suggest most suitable correction and also can help you in implementing the remedial measures.

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